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Images of the Twelfth

Pride of the Lagan Valley, Belvoir, Belfast.t

Parading through Belfast
Pride of the Lagan Valley

Pride of the Lagan Valley passing through Bradbury Place.

Pride of the Lagan Valley

Pride of the Lagan Valley

Pride of the Lagan Valley

Relaxed crowds watch the procession.

Relaxed crowd s come out to see the parade

smart bandsmen from Townhead Young Defenders FB, Glasgow.
Townhead Young Defenders
Stepping out proudly

elderly and infirm brethren travel in style.

elderly and infirm brethren in car

In hot weather, some bandsmen discard their heavy tunics.

Shirtsleeve order in the heat

Young band members try to throw and catch their bandpoles

Try to catch that bandpole

Banner of LOL 979 depicting Sir Edward Carson signing the Ulster Covenant in 1912.

Banner of LOL979

Young Calvay Volunteers FB, Glaagow
Young Calvay Volunteers,
Glasgow band on parade


The Twelfth aims to convey the spirit, colour and atmosphere of Europe's largest indigenous cultural festival. We have no connection with the Orange Order, but we do fully support the concept of civil and religious liberties for all. We oppose negative religious bigotry. We believe in heritage, not hate and celebration, not provocation. We extend mutual cultural respect to all other peoples.

We’d like to make next year’s issue of The Twelfth bigger and better than the last one. Can you help us? Areas in which we’d appreciate your help include:


Articles. We want to hear from anyone who is willing to share his or her thoughts and memories of the ‘Twelfth.  What do you do on the Twelfth?  What does it really mean to you? What's it like to carry a banner, toot a flute, or beat a big drum all the way to the field?    Tell us about your typical day. We'd also like to broaden our scope and carry reports from lodges and bands. Don’t worry if you don’t think you can write an entire article - one of our main writers just produces a series of notes. We put them order, cross the t’s and dot the i’s. It’s as simple as that!  


Research. There’s a growing interest in Ulster’s local history and we’d like The Twelfth to reflect that. We’d love to be able to reproduce reports and pictures from yesteryear - however, we simply do not have the time or personnel to do so. Would you be willing to spend a few hours in your local library collecting reports of how your parents and grand-parents celebrated the Twelfth? If so, we’d like to hear from you today!


Photographs.  Have you any good pictures of the Twelfth celebrations that you'd like to share with us?  We especially want out-of-Belfast pictures and pictures of the Twelfth ceremonies in 'bygone days of yore.'  We would appreciate details, where possible.  The name of the band, the lodge and the year of the parade, etc.  On request, we will scan your photographs and return them to you.


Graphics. We want to improve the appearance of The Twelfth broadsheet and would like to hear from anyone with layout and design experience. We’d also like to hear from artists, cartoonists and photographers.


Finance. The Washington DC-based Friends of Sinn Féin have raised well over £2 Million! We have a long way to go before we can match that—but we have to start somewhere. All donations—large or small—are greatly appreciated. Send cheques/POs (made out to Glenwood Publications) to our address below.


Distribution. We need to build a world-wide distribution network. If you’ve liked this paper, why not buy a few extra copies and send them to friends and relatives at home and abroad?

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading The Twelfth. We hope that we’ve succeeded in capturing the flavour, colour and atmosphere of Europe’s largest indigenous cultural folk festival. The Twelfth welcomes all ideas, constructive criticism, and especially offers of help. If you’ve got something to say - get in touch today!

E-mail: feedback@the-twelfth.org.uk

Scottis fluter sounds out the right note! A smartly turned-out Glasgow band in shirtsleeve order. tootlling out the flute on the way home.
Nearly there!  A colour party approaches the 'Field' in Edenderry, south of Belfast. TPride of the Lagan Valley All gererations take part in the 12th parades.
Shankill Protestant Boys Flute Band  led by their celebrated athletic band major. Coming up Bradbury Place Visiting Yankee brethren, July12th 2002.
Young band members having a fun day out. Now never seen in Belfast 12th parades - a pipe band. Highfield Loyalist FB, Liverpool, parading in Cambrai Street

Beating the drum - Pride of the Maine, Ballymena
Beating the drum
The Pride of the Maine, BALLYMENA

Traditional Orange arch, Glengormly village centre, Newtownabbey.
Tradional Orange Arch
Glengormley village centre, NEWTOWNABBEY

Parading through Glengormley.
Parading through Glengormley
Local band walks the village

Ballymacarrett Defenders - melody flute band from East Belfast.
Ballymacarrett  Defenders melody flute band - East Belfast

Sons of Ulster Flute Band, a smart band from Glasgow

Sons of Ulster Flute Band  
smart band from Glasgow

Schomberg Volunteers Flute Band.
Schomberg Volunteers FB

Canadian and Ulster bannerettes march side-by-side.

Canadian and Ulster bannerettes

West Belfast Orange Hall on the banner of LOL739.

Banner of LOL739, West Belfast



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