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Guest Review

Before an Empire’s Eyes

WITH THE release of their first CD – We Shall Remember – the Sons of Ulster Flute Band set a standard which would be hard to equal.   That they more than managed to do so with Before an Empire’s Eyes, their second release, is to their great credit.

As before, the band play a mixture of melody, traditional and Blood and Thunder types of music.  This is  interspersed with some excellent vocal tracks.  When listening to such tracks as Moore Street , Orangefield or Ulster Rifleman, one can sense the spirit and dedication of the band.  I defy anyone to listen to Abide With Me without feeling the hairs on the back of their neck start to rise!

Of the vocal tracks, a highlight for me is a song in tribute to Big Bill Campbell, a man I feel honoured to have known for many years.  I was also touched by Prisoner’s Letter – for obvious reasons.  Also included is an emotional rendition of Ulster 1912, a Rudyard Kipling peom which, many years later, still resonates with power. 

This CD will make any loyal heart swell with pride.  One can only hope that the band continues to go from strength to strength and regale us for a long time to come.

Iain Muir.


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