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The Twelfth (2004) Celebration – not Provocation.
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FOR MOST of my life I have thought that we should just toddle along on our own merry way, oblivious to our enemies and really couldn’t care less what they thought or what they did as they were no threat to my way of life. 

However, that attitude, as all but the blindest of us can see, is no longer a viable consideration.  While they have never, and never will, beat, shoot or bomb us into submission they have for a long time now shown us to run a propaganda war.  This was really brought home to me recently in my home town of Wishaw when it took 600 police, some in riot gear, to force four republican flute bands (I use the term ‘bands’ very loosely, as it was actually about eighty rag tag and bobtails masquerading as bands). 

Imagine everyone’s horror the following day, and many other following days, to read in the press and hear on television and radio how it was all the fault of Orange and Loyal citizens of Scotland that this had happened.  It beggars belief that anyone could make this utterly false accusation.  Yet again a propaganda victory for the poor downtrodden Roman Catholic Church who live in a climate of fear, scared to cross the street to go to mass.

Well folks it is time to start telling the world how it really is.  How we stand up for Civil and Religious Liberty for all and it is because of forefathers that they can attend their ‘Blasphemous fable and Dangerous Deceit’ unhindered.

To this end we must start spreading the word of what we stand for.  I have just read a small publication called The Twelfth 2004 – Celebration not Provocation and was very impressed by the way it put forward the case for our beloved cause.  We can no longer sit back and allow them to tell us what terrible people we are.  They forget that it was the Roman Church who burned People alive for their beliefs.  No Roman Catholic in Scotland was ever executed for his religious beliefs (not even the oft quoted John Ogilivie who was hanged as a traitor after betraying Scotland to the French).  So we have a fine history of religious tolerance.  Can the Roman Catholics say the same? 

The Twelfth is a small annual publication but it is growing all the time and with the support of us all can help counter the propaganda we face every day.  So get your 50 pence out and help not only a worthy cause, but your cause.


Archie H. McCullough, PM Sons of the Clyde LOL 401 Overtown

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