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The Twelfth (2004) Celebration not Provocation.
Glenwood Publications, First Floor, 316 Shankill Road, Belfast, BT13 3AB.

I THOUGHT this was a very interesting paper and well worth the money.  It explains the Williamite war and how the 12th July celebrations came about. 

I really liked the article What the Twelfth means to me (by Norrie MacKinnon) as I think it is good to find out how others celebrated the Twelfth as children and how they celebrate it now.

I also thought that the article 1690 The year of European Freedom was really interesting.  It describes the history behind the Twelfth celebrations.  I think it was a good idea to have the Dutch translation and it would be cool to see it in German or French as I study those languages at school.

I think The Twelfth is a very interesting read and I highly recommend it.

Louise Jenkinson (age 13)

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